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1740 Beard Balm

1740 Handmade is proud to offer products genuinely hand made in Missouri, United States of America. 

Our product is 100% naturally made with beeswax locally sourced. Coconut oil serves as an amazing conditioner without an overwhelming smell. Sweet almond oil helps to balance the balm and gives perfect texture. Finally the peppermint essential oil…this is the key. Once you put it on your face you will feel the peppermint perfection (not overwhelming) but an amazing way to start your day.

Regarding our one of a kind Death Wish Coffee infused balm…this is something you have try to believe. Please do not drink or eat the balm (although this may not harm you it is not advised so please resist the urge). Putting this on your face is like a beautiful blend of morning joe perfectly balanced with a touch of coffee scent. This is one of our best sellers and we could not be more proud of this product.

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