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Cliff Original

Our mission is to provide the highest quality all natural men's grooming products possible. All of the ingredients in our products are locally sourced and hand selected to help you look good and feel good.

As siblings growing up on a small family farm in Ohio, we shadowed our Grandpa where ever he went.  Our admiration and drive to be just like him started at a very young age. Grandpa was passionate about his faith, family and his farmland. He was always considerate to other people and he cherished his family.

So here’s to you Grandpa Cliff and the major impact you’ve had, and continue to have, on our lives. May your legacy continue as part of Cliff Original.

We are dedicated to a more organic product and take great pride in all of the natural & local ingredients we select. Just as important are the ingredients we leave out. All of our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, toxin-free, harsh chemical-free, and with absolutely no testing on animals.

In honor of my Grandpa Cliff and life changing figures like him, 10% of all profits from Cliff Original products go to local charities in support of our community.

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