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Product Image Always Bearded Lifestyle™ House Blend Moustache Wax Variety Pack

Always Bearded Lifestyle™ House Blend Moustache Wax Variety Pack

$ 15.00


Want some variety in your life? Then pick up the House Blend Moustache Wax Variety Pack. You will receive two  4.25g / .15oz tubes, one in each House Blend Scent.

Take in the awakening aroma of Eucalyptus + Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle for a crisp & clean feel for hours to come. But don't forget to embrace the scent of full bodied Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood, a smell so good people will stop you on the street!

There is nothing quite like a well crafted Moustache. Without some 'Stache Wax' to keep it in place and out of our mouth, well there is little to separate us gentlemen from cavemen. 

Conveniently packaged into a lip balm tube; application could not be easier, and is small enough to throw in your pocket to join you on your adventures.

Not to be confused with beard balm, our Moustache Wax has just the right amount of hold to feel natural. So you won't be feeling like someone glued a toupee to your upper lip. We also added in some Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil to add some moisturizing, volume, and anti-dandruff properties.

If you're looking for an all around product that will care for and style that glorious Moustache of yours to perfection, well look no more. 

We have sourced out only the best natural ingredients that have been known to have the following benefits:

Natural Beeswax - a great styling aid also used widely for its ability to trap in moisture. For example, lip balms made with beeswax are the best ways to keep your lips from being chapped in the winter months.

Benefits for the skin: the anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax can actually soothe easily irritated skin, making it one of the best skin care ingredients for those who suffer from allergies or other skin problems. 

Coconut Oil - regular application can rid dandruff. Coconut oil is great at maintaining the moisture retention of the skin and conditioning for the hair, allowing for hair to stay hydrated and healthy longer while preventing  breakage.

Jojoba Oil - light, non-greasy and fast absorbing.

Benefits for the hair: penetrates the hair follicle from the inside out which can strengthen the hair fibres. It badds volume to the hair, making it appear fuller. It also fills cracks in the hair cuticle to repair the hair.

lend of Essential Oils  - used in aromatherapy treatments to help with eczema, stress, etc

Benefits for the hair: smoothes and styles the hair while also sealing in the moisture. Beeswax also helps to stimulate hair growth.  So if you decided to shave and are hoping to fill your beard out faster then a beeswax product is for you.

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Shawn M.

    Moustache wax

    Shapes and holds and STAYS MALLEABLE. The only one that I have tried that doesn't make your moustache rock hard to the touch.