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Product Image Beard Oil: Eucalyptus + Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle

Beard Oil: Eucalyptus + Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle

$ 25.00


Beard oil should be a daily staple throughout a man's beard grooming regime, whether just scruff or full length. Known as an immediate way to make the hair softer and more manageable, this beard oil also combats the itch and dry skin by moisturizing the skin underneath. The conditioning and revitalizing formula of Argan, Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed, and Jojoba oils will have your man mane feeling as soft as a cashmere sweater in no time. Used best when combined with the natural styling power of the same scented beard balm to seal in countless hours of leave-in conditioning. This natural formulation has been screened and granted the CertClean certification of approval, Canada’s only health centered certification mark for beauty products. A 30 ml bottle will last a medium beard 2 months of daily use.

Wake up your beard with a crisp blend of Eucalyptus, Lime and Pine Scotch Needle essential oils; providing a scent that is truly refreshing yet very clean.

- Softens facial hair from scruff to full length beard
- Repairs and strengthens hair fibers from the root follicle all the way out
- Fights itchy dry skin and prevents beard dandruff (aka 'beardruff')
- De-stresses hair, allowing hair to lay down better
- Formulation granted the CertClean certification

Directions for use:
Used best directly after shower due to skin pores being open from the steam. Shake a few drops into hand, or remove inner restriction cap and pour desired amount into hand for longer beards. Distribute evenly through beard and down to skin with fingers and hands, before combing through into place.

- Topical application only and not for ingestion
- Should be tested on small area of skin before use
- Contains nut oils
- Keep out of reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes

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Vasco S.

Beard Oil: Eucalyptus + Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle

Excellent: I would definitely buy from you again.

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Great oil!

Love the stuff! Smells euphoric and leaves my beard feeling soft and clean!

Christine C.

Beard balm

Every product from Always Bearded is wonderful and the products work so well together. The Eucalyptus & Lime scent is amazing! Always Bearded makes it easy to be a loyal customer

Christine C.

Beard Oil

I bought this for my husband and it was amazing!!!

Beard Oil: Eucalyptus + Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle

Amazing long lasting NATURAL scent

Presentation and packaging is very clean. Obviously Always Bearded takes pride in their products, otherwise they would not keep this precious bottle well protected, wrapped up in protective paper in the slick looking box. The nose from the bottle: - Very citrus with a tame herbal/greenery scent. - The lime smells very natural, versus the fake lollipop/candy type scents that other brands seem to have with their citrus blends. Dispensing: - Always Bearded used a Euro type dripper/dispenser top vs a pipette on this bottle. This would be the saving grace if you were ever to knock over your bottle, since the contents would not spill everywhere. - The oil comes out at a rate of about 1 drop per 2 to 3 seconds. I actually drip 3-4 drops directly onto my comb then work the oil into my beard. The nose while applied to beard: The smell lasts very long and is very soothing. Results of using this oil: The oil seems very balanced, and although seems viscous while in the bottle, once in the beard it seems to be very light and spreads evenly. Beard is very soft and smooth after applying this awesome oil. I use this oil thoughout the day, but I use one their creams first thing in the morning after the shower, followed by one of their balms to shape up the beard to start the fresh. I might at one point in the day, again use one of their balms to reshape the beard if it gets unruly. I have had no issues/reactions with combining their products together. Cons: Always Bearded products smell so good that it works up my appetite.